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hmmmm, since that Purchasing Agent job fell through, sounds like B is planning on heading to TX some time in sept w/Jim or near dad. He is making phone calls to get the hell out of WV one way or another. The PA they put in is a cocky kid that got the job by being someones kid (we refer to it as the FBI--- friends, brothers and inlaws) and that has really pushed B over the edge. He already hates it up there, but if he was going to be making real money then it was worth it. Between the Cushing to Texas xl getting ready to kick and the higher scale, at this point thought heading wast really is the only thing that makes sense.

It will take a few weeks to figure out the details but we are crossing our fingers that he will have at the very least the week before and after labor day off to come home for a little vaca. We will be minding our pennies, so nothing special, but camping around here and just being together for a while sounds divine. lol, not to mention I will get my volvo back. :p

But it does kinda mess with the start of school. lol, it sounds very much that I will be waiting until the day I have picked to start (the 20th of aug) to see if we should start that day or wait till B goes back to work. Thank goodness we home school and can shuffle these things around as needed. 

idt I will have a chance to go up north at all this year though... that does make me pretty sad. Every year of Ella's life we have had the chance to spend at least 2 weeks together, thanks to Ivy coming down a few times, and me going up, and it feels a little like I am betraying her and the girls by not coming this year. We still have a few decent weather months left though, and if everything goes smoothly it may still work out, but I am not holding my breath. :(  I want some new penny snuggles too.

My Great Aunt Bessie is stopping by tonight on here way to load up her things in GJ to move back to OK. I havent seen her in a zillion years, so I am nervous excited. She was always my favorite of my grandma's sisters, and the most accepting of them all, so it will be fine, I just get this way when I havent seen people in a long long time (like well over a decade. I have been trying to think of it and I must have been 16 or so? crazy). Her grandson, who is my age, is driving her down and I offered them to stay the night here so they wouldn't have to get hotel rooms. lol, I hope the boys can tone down their *oh hai, new people! let's be asses!* tendencies.

My FIL is still going down hill... :( It really doesn't sound good at all and I have no idea how to talk to the boys about it.... I do not want him to pass without them knowing it is possible, but I also do not want them to worry about it. They have faced so much death in their lives, it just really isn't fair... So instead of bringing it up I do what I do best, and pretend nothing is happening outside of our little bubble. :\ not helpful or healthy...


remember when we talked about the cute little school the girls attend {only 60 students in the whole school?} i'm so sad to be {possibly} saying goodbye to it this year. i plan to start homeschooling. so can i ask how you got started?

any websites you suggest?

i was seriously looking into K12.com but it looks like you can't start mid year.
We started before KG, as Eli's birthday knocked him back to the next year in AZ. Then as time went by we learned how much we hated the AZ school system so stuck with it. Then B started this whole *work away from home* thing and we really would never get to see him without homeschooling.Every year since coming to CO, we consider/discuss enrolling in a public school, but we always have stuck with homeschooling.

Firstly I would read up on the laws and regulations here -->http://www.hslda.org/ . Colorado is an easy state to homeschool in (all we need to do is file with the district, test every odd year, and keep an attendance log of 140 days of instruction) but some require a teacher to monitor you or for you to have a college diploma.

Once you figure out the requirements you need to decide what style of homeschool will both meet those and your own goals. there are at least a dozen different methods that I can think of... this article seems to be a good one (http://www.homeschooldiner.com/guide/intro/main.html)

We *school at home* which means that we stick pretty close to national standards (http://www.cde.state.co.us/scripts/allstandards/COStandards.asp?stid=0&stid2=7&glid2=0) but I build the curriculum. There are HUNDREDS of pre-built curriculum out there, ranging from a box with literally everything you need for the school year (we used Oak Meadows for a year. It is kinda a free flowing, child lead program. lol, a bit hippy, but good),to those that are more of a *fill in your own stuff, here is a good grade outline*.

The online program (k12) is a pretty good one I hear. A few friends use it, but you need to be more time/calendar structured than we are. A teacher is assigned to each kid and they are in contact about every week via phone, and whenever you need help via email.

It has been so long since we started that I really cannot remember which websites we relied on in the beginning. Finding a local homeschool group is your best bet for advice. Often you have a mix of those that are on their 10th year of homeschooling and those that are on their first. Learning what I could from their experiences helped me a ton.

We have evolved our methods, plans and curriculum over and over again over the last 7 years (goodness!7!). The best advice I can give is to change things if they are not working. Do not worry about *failing* because when things are going poorly they just needs a bit of a tweek to get back on the right page. It takes time to understand the kids' learning style and your teaching style and how to mesh the 2.

Good luck if you go this way!! :D

this was very helpful.
i've already looked into the laws for michigan, and they seem pretty easy going as well. my biggest fear is not knowing what i'm doing! it all seems a bit overwhelming to me.
Where in Texas?
Sounds like either around Victoria or Mt. Pleasant.
There's a big oil development thing going on south of us, between us and the coast. It's insane the money being made down there.
My dad is down south of san antonio, near corpus christie right now. :)
Yep, that's the area I'm talking about. :)
I so admire your ability to keep the "home fires burning" while B is finding a job that fits his talents so far from home.
<3 Single moms like you are who I look up to. :) We all do what we must to make things work.