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gained something like 8-10 lbs since B left. Gar. I worked my tail off to get down to 117, was fine with leveling off at 122, but i really am not ok with letting it slowly gain back... but not ok enough to stop myself from eating a whole bag of gummie bears last night.. or getting back into drinking soda... or eating most of a loaf of sourdough bread... i swear, i need some one on my case 24/7 anymore.

Chance what did you eat today? Chance, why havent you folded this laundry... or brought in that stuff from the line from last night? Chance, dishes! You cooked in this a week ago! Sitting around all day is not that healthy.... remember?

All things i have slacked off with badly as of late.

Ugh. None of these things are hard things, but i just have so little will to do them.

for some reason the local movie theaters page is down so i cannot check movie times... guess i will swing by there in a few to see about tickets for the boys and tillie to watch jurassic world. i will not be watching it... between how cold theaters are and how loud, my poor old lady self just cannot handle it. Heh.


I can't handle loud noises anymore. (hand me my walker)