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spent sunday trying to get caught up on laundry. What a total pain in the ass. Ean oddly only had one outfit in a weeks worth of laundry. :/ this happens every summer. Im going to have to think about what he is wearing and force him to change and shower. Freaking gross kid. (but drats, making him be clan makes even more laundry! Boo! Hiss!)

I told B aout my train ride plans, and if he goes back to PA around t fourth, then i will buy tickets for sept. :) talked about staying at one of the silly themed sweetheart hotels up through the poconos or niagra falls.

As always with Bs work we are in hurry up and wait mode. There is a possiblity that he will be sent to indiana/illiois, but most likely he will be back in PA. He is working in WV, but this whole week looks like it will be a rain out. :/ always something.

Tomorrow morning i think i will try to get my bike out before it gets warm and ride down to the river front park. Havent been in a while and i would like to see if anyone is using the kayak draw they built.if the water isnt too high maybe the kids can wade around and tube for a while.


Wait, does that mean IL might have work going somewhere soon? Holy shit, that's amazing. lol

Apparently though, we build a lot of unnecessary shit. Like a 1600 acre trap shooting range that is used a whopping 10 days of the year. *facepalm*

Laundry is my lifelong bane. I look like i am almost caught up, but i know Autumn has at least 3 loads upstairs.
Lol, it would be on the very north corner going from one of the Dakotas to the grat lake region. I already told b if he is working there I am going to drive out, so I can drive down and see your face in real life! :)

If you could get TO Illinois, i'd drive to the very farthest state line just to see you! lol Which is really far. lol I'd plan a mini-vacation around it. =)