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ugh, I feel so sick today. My nose is runny, been coughing all morning, itchy eyes. idk if I am coming down with a cold or if this is round 87 of allergies this year. Either way, I wish it would just stop.

The boys have been so quiet the last few days. lol, I think they may actually be tired of fighting and nitpicking one another. Will the miracles never cease! 

I had the curious, and thanks to the internets and their vast stores of useless information (we both went to concerts with other people a few weeks after we got together, but were quick to forget when we actually got together. some where between mid july and mid aug) I now know for sure that by Sept 1, 1999 (the day of the Tom Petty concert that B went to) we had been dating for a few weeks, so I guess that pushes us closer to mid Aug than mid July. Regardless by the first of Sept, we have been together for 13 years. :) And that gives me the warm fuzzies.

13 years! I honestly think that no one we knew then would have ever thought that we would last more than a handful of years. We are both pretty volatile, headstrong people but somehow we have made it work. I must admit, I am pretty proud of us. <3

Winkie's kittens are walking around now, and I die from their adorable every time I look at them. lol, I naturally want to keep them all, but we won't be keeping any of them and may give winkie away too if we can find a good home for her. 4 cats is just too many cats for me. Simon we have had for so long that giving him away would be heart breaking, Patches loves me and Koko is B's cat, so that pretty much just makes Winks the odd one out. I only kept her because Ford had died not to long before she was born and I thought they looked a lot alike, and I guess I was projecting my love for him onto her. She is a good cat, just not very affectionate and clearly still needs to be fixed. lol, lesson learned 2 times over, a not quite a year old cat absolutely can (and will!) have babies if she can find a cat to knock her up (our males have all been fixed, well, and Patches too, Winks is again odd cat out) . Should have put the cats on lockdown months ago.

Speaking of that, they all seem to have finally adjusted to being indoors cats. For a while Simon cried at the windows 24/7 and Patches would try to escape every time the doors opened, but now Simon just meows when a cat is in the yard and Patch only tries to get out if someone is being lazy about closing the door.

I haven't cracked a book in weeks. I really should get back into the habit, but I have had the hardest time concentrating lately. My flighty anxious attitude is probably wearing everyone down.... I know it is wearing me thin. I have had the worst time with starting one thing, laying it to the side starting something new, laying it to the side, starting something new.... and on and on it goes. It took me about a week to clean the bathroom! and I cannot count the number of times I had to wash the same load of laundry before I got it out to the line last week. My plants are all suffering as I will water half of them and then put off the others while I *run and do this* only to never get back to the plants. agghhh.... *wait, what was i going to do* has become a sick mantra for me. :| 

I really need to get it all back together...