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We really cannot seem to catch a decent break. Long story short: B's project manager was giving B the purchasing agent job as the current purchasing agent was leaving to work at a new company (that PM was starting). Corporate got wind that PM was starting a new company, while still on their payroll, so corporate came down and fired everyone on the spread in management and said *whatever was promised was promised under false pretenses, we are bringing these guys in to run this site*. So B is back to the yard. 

idk, I am trying to remind myself that his job is a good one, we should be happy he is working, but that motherfucking carrot keeps being dangled, we keep getting excited and the fuckers pull it away again. and again. and again...

It really doesn't help that he is all the way in WV, scale there is kinda on the low side, and we are just now breaking through all the shit that being unemployed for the better part of a year brings. And we miss one another, his dad is still horribly off, and we've both been teetering on the edge for too long. 

 Hopefully something kicks soon in the west. Sounds like the XL may be kicking in Oct, and it kinda sounds like he may end up in Oklahoma if it does. OK is so much easier to get to than WV, so fingers crossed. But with the pipeline you never know until the machines are rolling... I mean this line was supposed to kick in Jan, didn't, and so began the year of suck. 

oh, Year of Suck. It really isn't fair that you are treating us this way. lol, Maybe this is what the Mayans were really referring to. 


Agh. That's tough. Really tough. Why couldn't they have just taken some time to evaluate the situation? I understand they were angry, but in the process they took it out on some innocent people. I hope something pulls through for your family soon. It must be so hard being far away.