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Well, maybe B isn't coming home for a week or two after all. A much better job possibility is opening up there in PA and it would be silly to drive all the way home and then back up to the east coast and it will take a month or so to learn which way the wind will blow...

I think that next week I will just go get new tires for the toyota and get the fluids changed and get ready to drive up to WV. He needs his winter gear if he is staying up there, I really want my volvo and dang, I want to see him before the snow flies and we really can't get to one another. 

Family motto: plans, we don't need no stinking plans. (they will all be changed in the last minute anyhow. :|)


maybe my family needs to take on your family motto?
I highly recommend it.

and now I learned that he will indeed be coming home for a week or 2. even my altered plans get altered! I am sure every day this week we will be going back and forth. *oh wait, no* *yep. absolutely leaving Sat.* rinse and repeat....
Poop,, but good.. I hope he gets the cool job!!1

Edited at 2012-08-15 07:11 pm (UTC)