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wow... I jumped over here to search for my post about when I had to learn how to use a non-electric can opener and noticed that I havent posted since Aug. :| 

Boy time really flies when absolutely nothing has been happening. 

Around Thanksgiving Brandon came home, and home he has been. 

We really don't know anything more than sometime in the next 2 months he will head out to somewhere. SD, ND,TX, WY, UT, WV, OH, OK, you name it, if oil in any form has ever been found there they are working it right now.


hopefully he is nearby this time. Last year was just all too much for us. too many miles, too many short jobs, too much bullshit. 

Anyhow, there is remarkably little else to write about. normal day to day life that while in the moment you can write about, but months removed you just remember being around.  

Brandon's dad is doing better, finally working again.
My dad moved into town.
School is going extremely well with Eli, like normal.  It's challenging as always with Ean. 

Last month we had to put old Bruiser down. <3 I miss him every day.
B and the boys want a cocker spaniel. I kinda want no dog until the spring.

lol, I wont swear to be back every day or anything, but the better part of a year will not pass without a post again!