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Oh for fucks sake. For some reason our insurance is not in effect... the company he works for says it should be, his hall says it should be, the company that carries the insurance says it shouldn't.... he started early may, and the way we timed it we had hours banked till late may, so we were so happy not to have a lapse and now this.

Arghaghhh. b is calling to get it all straightened out, but it sounds like it is going to take some time....Ean will never get to see a doctor at this rate.

I just want one thing to go off without a hitch. Every little thing has been three times the work than it needs to be for much much too long.

I spent the day doing nothing at all. Heck, I didn't even leave the yard. I tried to do laundry but foiled myself by washing a load and then loading it back into the washer. I'm just losing my damned mind over here, nothing to see.

Been planning to have a yardsale for a month and some but like most everything else I have it three quarters finished and just can't find it in me to finish up. If I knew people would show up i'd just freecycle it all. A neighbor tried a free yardsale, but people made such a mess of everything I know that isn't smthing I would be down with.

If only my car was running, id take a few loads down to the thrift shops. :/

Tomorrow I have to ride over to my dad and tin as to feed their cats... gah, I would have asked tina to bring the cats over here if they were only indoors cats. I really don't mind riding over there, just having to wake up early enough to get over there before it gets too warm. At least I get my exercise in early this way.